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Luke Language Training!Nuestro profesor de inglés Luke Guilfoye, autor de material didáctico y formador de profesores, está enfrascado en un proyecto personal que ya ayuda a alumnos y a profesores de inglés a mejorar sus destrezas lingüísticas y docentes a través de material didáctico de gran calidad, on-line y gratuito.

Si aún no lo conoces, él mismo se presenta aquí:

Hi there. So you’re on-line and reading this in English, which is great! But before I continue with that, a quick introduction.

My name’s Luke, and I’ve been teaching at La Playa Idiomas for 3 years. I arrived in Spain in 2000 and started teaching after doing the Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages) the same year.

What I like most about teaching at La Playa is the friendly, warm atmosphere of a family-run school combined with the knowledge and experience of professional, dedicated language teachers. The importance of communication in learning a language is central to the school’s philosophy, as is the constant support which keeps the learning experience both motivating and personal. As many of the school’s courses are based on 2 hours of class a week, the importance of outside-class support cannot be underestimated. To do this, we connect students and their teachers in the following ways:

– Whatsapp groups

– Social language exchange meet-ups

– Cultural events with guest speakers

– La Playa Idiomas Virtual Classroom

– www.lukelanguagetraining.com

I started LLT in October 2014 to offer an internet-centred approach to complementing the school syllabus and already existing Virtual Classroom platform, taking texts and videos from other sites I thought would be interesting to learners, as well as developing my own materials. I have incorporated chat rooms to offer interaction and feedback, and classes finish with an interactive noticeboard, where learners can write responses to questions in the class and even post their own mp3 recordings.

I’m proud to have received support from La Playa in developing LLT with further fantastic participation from students, who have helped create audio and video material, kept me informed of their experience using the site and evaluated both content and its appearance. I look forward to our ongoing collaboration this new academic year, and thank everyone at La Playa for keeping with me through this often demanding process.

Please pop in to LLT and take a few moments to look around, try the activities and complete the site survey, or simply say hi.

Happy learning!


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